Cover Me!

I took my blazer off this afternoon during consultation at the ENT (Eyes,Ears,Nose and Throat) out-patient department. In the middle of it all, the medical representatives who always look spanking good and look more like doctors without the blazer came flowing in. They want to “cover” the residents. “Cover” meaning let them into the wonders of whatever new drugs their company has. Most of them just look out for the residents, they really don’t cover interns. I don’t care. Ha. they don’t even know that 50% of the time, on OPD consults, our residents make us choose the brand of drugs we want to prescribe. I don’t have a license but my resident checks all the drugs that I suggest prescribing before he signs his name on it.My co-intern Paolo who apparently was being mistaken as a resident was enjoying all the free samples. There were 3 med-reps though who approached me, 2 gave me capsules of antibiotics and one gave me a nasal spray.

I’m not really that thrilled with freebies and being covered by these med-reps. It’s a give-and-take relationship; doctor prescribes their drug and the pharmaceutical company then shows their appreciation in very elaborate ways such as sponsoring their plane ticket and hotel room in a convention somwhere. I even know of some who lets theses med-reps sponsor their own kid’s birthday party. Ohlala. Is that ethical?You tell me.


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