Orthopedic Intern

Two weeks ago while I was rotating at ENT, I went to the Orthopedic Ward after a nurse called me up to check the nasogastric tube (NGT) of our co-managed patient. I chanced upon 2 orthopedic residents doing wound care on a patient who thought I was a pre-resident. They chuckled when I told them that I was a Post-graduate Intern (PGI). One of them remarked that they miss having a PGI— that to me translated into something like missing having a slave.

I was so wrong.

One week ago, i knocked on the door of the Orthopedic office– my first day as Orthopedic Intern.

I was the only female in a testosterone-driven pack.

I manned the ER but they also shooed me away whenever they think I’m working too hard. They also gave me what I asked for when I told them on my first day that I was looking forward to a hands-on experience. They just grinned and said that in this hospital, everything is hands-on until you go hands-up.Sweet.

I was allowed to suture all the lacerated wounds at the ER except the very complicated ones, like an arm chopped by a boat propeller. One time I was left to close the skin after a partial hip arthroplasty at the operating room. On day 2, via phone instructions from my resident and blessings to do it on my own, I manually removed a nail driven into the index finger of an 11-year old child. On day 5, I was allowed to do a long arm mold of a patient with elbow dislocation. I have learned so much.

Tomorrow is day 8, and i only have till day 10 to stay in this department.

Might as well ask for just one reduction of an elbow or shoulder dislocation.Haha.That’s  my wish.

I have 3 days to ask for it.


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