El Politico


I see an average of 10 dog-bite cases everyday at the ER.

All bites to the extremities are  managed by the Orthopedic Department.

On the first day, I have been forewarned by my residents that my breakfast,lunch and dinner at the ER will be a regular plate of  dog-bite cases. They were not wrong. It ticks me off sometimes but I try to be patient because I was once one of them, waiting to be consulted, getting my Anti-Rabies vaccination and Tetanus toxoid. I also consulted at the same  hospital where I am now an intern.

I know how it feels because 3 years ago I was bitten by Scout, my puppy and he died 2 days after.

Today I lost my empathy on one patient. After days of being nice, my temper was tested and I was unstoppable.

He walked in with an air of unmistakable arrogance. Middle-aged and brusque, he was accompanied by  i presume one of his minions. He reluctantly showed me the dog’s bite marks right below the buttocks, at the posterior thigh. I did the usual interview.While I was asking him questions he was texting all the time, just mumbling his answers.

Talk about rude.

I took a deep breath and continued writing a prescription for a Tetanus toxoid and a Tetanus Immunoglobulin. He waved it off saying he already had the toxoid shots 4 months ago but I told him he needs another shot of the toxoid minus the Immunoglobulin. He asked me how much it would cost and I told him that he should go to the Pharmacy and check because they are responsible for the pricing. He was annoyed and told me that he doesn’t like my tone.Duh, I was very civil, downright apathetic. He said he was a Barangay Captain and not some silly person. I looked up at him and answered “So?”.

He staged a walked out but I made him sign the Discharged Against Medical Advice form before he left. He refused further consultation.

I’m sorry I couldn’t find a red carpet to walk on enroute to the pharmacy for Mr. Brgy. Captain.

I’m sorry I couldn’t skip the usual interview.I was firing too many questions that are too highfaluting for his puny mind. Duh. I was only asking for a simple medical history.

All patients are equal; some think they should be more equal than others.

Hail to Mr. Brgy. Captain with dog bites on his ass.


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