Home Alone [but not so alone :-)]

Got home at my rented place at 10am on Saturday. I wanted to pack my bags and go home for the weekend but it was virtually impossible because I was on duty again on Sunday at the Anesthesia Department.Dang.My brother went home because he doesn’t have a crazy schedule like mine; he has the schedule of one having a perfectly sane life— weekends off.

I was asleep the moment I hit my mattress. That was a moment after lunch. Three hours after, I received a text message from a friend who wants to pay her dues for a bet we made 3 months ago. I couldn’t refuse. kapeWe had coffee at Figaro. It was not really a reunion, it was a toast to friendship and madness. The bet was made 3 months ago when we were both caught in a situation where happiness and some friendships were at stake; she told me that I was too chicken to think of my own happiness because I was a person who’d rather keep the balance than tip it. We made this silly bet not to to determine our decisions but to lighten up the whole thing. It was a decision that mattered to us and over coffee we  knew that it was both a spoken and an unspoken truth that neither of us regretted that decision. Leaving was the right thing. Leaving together though was not the rule, each one’s decision was personal ; for others it seemed like an act of mutual brainwashing. Let them think what they want to because that’s what they’ll think in any case.

Minutes before I was about to head home, a childhood friend of mine sent me a text message asking me to join them for dinner at Bauhinia in Smallville.

It must be my lucky day.:-)

How strange. Friends do have a way of knowing when you are home alone and they don’t want you to feel crappy sleeping the whole afternoon off or getting stuck with a TV dinner. Must be friendship telepathy— my friends have it hehe 😉


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