Little Presents


I opened my locker yesterday and was surprised to see a chocolate bar sitting on one of my shelves with my name on it. Sneaky. I do know exactly who left it there since only she knows the combination to my hospital locker. It was a nice surprise and a good way to jumpstart my day in Anesthesia. Thanks Boston 🙂

We had several cases at the Operating Room yesterday and I was jumping from one case to another. In the evening,I was monitoring a patient during a Biliary Exploration when I heard that there were 2 Cesarean Sections lined up and an Appendectomy.Plus, someone in OB needed an epidural anesthesia for assisted delivery. It was going to be a long night.

After the Biliary Exploration, which lasted 3 hours, my resident dragged me to the office to have dinner. After eating, I was expecting her to tell me to go back to the OR to prepare for the subsequent cases, but  I was totally floored when she told me that I can now retreat to the doctors’ quarters and sleep.  Yes, I was tired but I wasn’t used to being shooed away by my resident. When I was a clerk in another hospital, it was a mortal sin to sleep before your residents do and to even eat lunch before they can take theirs. I had to ask her 3 times if I heard her right, and  she said “Yes, go to sleep, it’s late”.  Haha. It must be the holidays or the residents here are just innately nice 🙂


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