I’m walking towards the direction of church bells and the smell of bibingka wafting along the sidewalk and rolling on the streets. I figured that if i can’t wake up for the morning mass at 4am then I’d better go to the 8pm mass instead.

Tomorrow is the last day of  simbang gabi. It’s a popular belief that if you can attend the mass on all 9 days they you get to make a wish. In my entire life I only perfected that for one time only; that was back in college.

I can’t remember what I wished for.

I always had vague wishes anyway.I never really asked for anything specific because I probably believed that wishes  could only come true  in fairy tales like Alladin and Cinderella. Pure fantasy.

In my lifetime,the things I ever wished for that came true did not come easy.My wishes were never granted in a flick of a finger,a wave of a wand or a few rubs on a magic lamp.

No magic involved.



That made all the difference.

Happy Holidays.


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