Black Christmas

I wore black today just for kicks.

The inconvenient truth is that today I’m on 24-hour duty at the Psychiatry Department. It’s the first time in my entire life that I have spent Christmas away from my family.

After 6pm,it dawned on me that wearing black was  just appropriate.

One of my favorite grandmothers died at 6pm today. Lola Lourdes or “Lola Lord” is my immediate grandmother’s younger sister. I love her. I can only imagine the somber mood at Noche Buena tonight back at home.

It’s heartbreaking.It’s sad. I wasn’t even there.

I heard mass at the hospital chapel at 7:30 pm. The choir was fantastic. When I closed my eyes while they were in a song, I swear they must have been angels.I was torn between the celebration of the coming of Jesus and the loss of a dear person.

I think Lola Lord left us today, right before Christmas,because she doesn’t want us to mourn too much. She did not want us to be immersed in sadness so she paralleled her death to a time when everybody finds a reason to smile no matter how dark everything seems.

Lola Lord, you will be missed.


One thought on “Black Christmas

  1. Merry Christmas. Your lola is in some place where there is no more pain and hardships. Wherever she is now, I know she has peace.

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