They all believed that our last 24-hour duty was jinxed.

We had 6 emergency OR cases —- 5 Cesarean sections and 1 case of evacuation of a vulvar hematoma—-I scrubbed in all of the cases. Our first OR was at 9am and the last one I scrubbed in was at 10am the following day.

My resident and I, plus the anesthesiologist on-duty never got to sleep or dream, we cannot even bargain for a power nap.

It was a toxic day and it’s not even OR day.

They think I’m the  jinx.

My previous duties are not a far cry from that bedlam we had 2 days ago. I also scrubbed in 6 OR cases on my 3rd 24-hour duty at the department coupled with a dozen or so normal spontaneous vaginal deliveries.

I’m on-duty again on Wednesday.I’m appealing to the heavens and all my lucky stars that the pattern will be different or I will be forced to embrace the idea that this is the way my 24-hour duties will be.


Yes, the jinx is on me.


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