Math 11


Last week the weather was cold and windy.Some would say it feels like December.

I disagree.Such a weather reminds me so vividly of  February, Math 11 (Algebra) and a particular place—UP Diliman

When the temperature shifts this way, it always takes me back to the nights I walked at UP Diliman, in a cold February night. It reminds me of Math 11 because I used to stay until 12 midnight at the main library, trying to study for the departmental exams but occasionally drifting to the far more interesting sections of the library.  At closing time, I can still remember the fatal slap of the wind when stepping out of the library.The icy night brings goosebumps to my skin as I walk along the sunken garden, hugging my books while heading to the jeepney stop at Vinzon’s hall. I lived off-campus, at UP Village,and yet my roommates always wondered why I had the audacity to stay on campus on such hours.I told them that  it makes a difference when you study at the library.

The memory is vivid and I really don’t know why it pops up in a season like this.Maybe it’s related to Math 11, the subject I loved so much I had to take it a couple of times haha. It’s because during those nights I toiled at the library, consumed 5 cups of coffee from the vending machine, 3 sticks of fish balls in between study breaks then  ritually  ending the day with a solitary walk in the cold was just a picture of me at my peak and at my lowest.

I was struggling to pass algebra, and it was the first time I tried so hard and yet failed.

Oh yes,talk about an overworked underachiever.

Now, it hardly even matters what grade I got in algebra or how many times I enrolled or dropped the subject.When i think of Math 11, I no longer get a picture of my class cards and the encircled grade.It’s more of the drama i went through of simply passing it—the solitary walks on a cold and windy night along the brick pathways of UP Diliman.

haha 🙂


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