epiphany of a pediatric intern


I had an epiphany on my 1st day of duty as a Pediatric Intern.

While trying to insert an IV cannula to rehydrate a 1 y.o infant at the ER who was restrained by a minimum of 3 persons, he let out a horrifying scream.The sound went through my external ear canal,past my eardrums and seemed to reverberate inside my head.The scream was not unique to that child, I heard all the screams from hell over and over again from different children every time  I did IV insertions. The screams only differed in tone and pitch, but the decibels they delivered were almost the same—unphysiologic levels.Just imagine a bunch of baby Banshees screaming.Unacceptable to my ears.

The answer to my problem came rapidly.

I need an iPod.

Or any mp3 player.

My phone is way too loaded (or ancient) to even play 1 song before it hangs and gives up.

I will drown those screams from hell with music. Opps,but what volume will be enough to render those screams into insignificant whispers?I don’t care. No howling must disturb the peace of the Pedia Intern when she does the delicate act of IV insertions in babies and children.

It will be for professional use, a standard gear for a Pediatric Intern.Haha.

For now,I’m buying ear plugs.:-P



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