Dear Doc Greta,

Internal Medicine will be my last rotation for internship; I’m dreading it but you’ve been nice to me since day 1 in this hospital so I’m not that afraid anymore. Sheena told me that you are one of the nicest residents at IM and I believe her because even though I have never rotated in your department you know my name and call me “Avs” whenever we meet at the female doctors’ quarters, take time to chat and even smile when you’re from-duty.

We were not prepared for the news on Saturday night; Some of us still saw you at the Emergency Room admitting patients at noon time. We received a call at 10 pm that left us all speechless. One moment you were at the hospital in you scrubs making rounds and after a few hours how can you be dead and cold, lying in a stretcher with a gunshot wound to your heart. How can you be unsafe in your own home?How could your own father deliver a bullet to your heart?You do not deserve to die like this.We are sad that you had to leave us this way.

Wherever you are, we love you and we will miss you.




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