The Wedding :-)

My horoscope on July 18,2009 read:

Scorpio: Unexpected opportunities to travel or take a course or further your education can come your way today. Grab whatever presents itself.

The prediction is late. I am reading that off a newspaper at  78,000 feet above the ground and 13 nautical miles away from Manila in an Airbus, alternating between reading and watching dusk roll outside from my window seat.

The opportunity to travel presented itself 2 weeks ago. My phone burst into a Nokia tune while I was at the Trauma Room admitting patients and my friend’s unmistakable giggle blasted through the  receiver. She is getting married and I can’t miss that.  I wanted to say yes right there but like an obedient “minor” who is still under the tutelage of her parents,  I told her I’ll ask my dad first. At 26 and an M.D. after my name I still seek consent because an Intern is not paid in this country.

My parents are too nice to say N-O. For historical reasons they know that I can’t miss this wedding.

Aside from witnessing Dha tie the knot, the next best thing was meeting  my  FLCD classmates in college after a very long time 😛


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