Intern no more

She looks up the sky  and squints at the blazing sun. Every time she walks to the hospital her eyes are on the blue sky because it makes her happy. She rarely looks at the ground.

She lifts her chin  and smiles. A thought crosses her mind—she still remembers  how broken she was last year. The pain of last year  lingers but it does not  make her cold. It’s just a memory, stored in the library of her mind, gathering dust until its existence is forgotten. The intern is whole again.

“Good morning Doc”

She smiles and salutes the guards at the gate. They wave her off as she stops for thermal scanning. She laughs and asks for her temperature using their digital bling bling which they point at her forehead.  “Doc, 36.5 a”.

She will miss them…the Manong guards who let her pass through without scanning her temperature, recognize her even if she fails to wear her coat and returns her salute all the time no matter how sloppy  her execution is. They even allow her to  pass through the exit gate when it’s too hot to cross to the entrance.

She does another salute as she passes the guard at the lobby.

Passing through the long corridor  she walks briskly  in the direction of the Female Quarters. Her gaze flickers and her heart pounds as she sees him  going in the opposite direction. They pass by each other like strangers. She looks down  and increases her pace. Two months ago, she would have smiled and he would give her that boyish grin  or they would both stop and chat. They were once friends and now  they seem  invisible to each other. This is what makes leaving hard for her—a broken friendship. Everything  about internship would have been perfect but that one event changed the experience.

She trembles as she punches the 4-digit combination to the Female Doctor’s Quarters. She silently curses how she has let him affect her this way. Distracted, she plops on her salmon pink sheets and kicks off her shoes. Stacks of books occupy the foot of her bed with her yellow-green scrubs on top of the pile. A unused broom rests on the wall across her—it’s made from a different material—it was a gift from a patient when she was on OB-GYNE rotation. She smiles. It’s an unusual gift but it was made from the crafting hands of her patient. She is a broom-maker and she gave one away for her because she assisted at the OR when she had her hysterectomy.

She dons her white coat and heads to the Internal Medicine Department Office.

“Wow, Avs last day mo na, congrats!”

“Libre, libre!”

” When ang shifting party?”

She laughs but her heart is sinking.

She just wants to be an intern.

Then the prophecy of medicine  dictates that she has to go up a notch higher than her  totem pole level.

Tomorrow she will no longer be The Intern.She will be a bum…waiting to take the board exams.

Tomorrow she will turn a year older.

It’s a double turning point.

Post-graduate Internship has come full-circle.

Nobody understands better what this year has meant for her except for  her friend Boston.

As it comes to an end, she concludes that this was one of the best years of her life—-losing and finding her self once more in this chaotic public hospital.

In this hospital she has learned to love medicine once again—after a bitter clerkship year at the University Hospital she finds out that there are better places where respect is gained and earned, where things are done better .

This is the place to be.

WVMC is home. The Intern belongs here. …but for now she has to go.

It has been a long year.

Everything has been worth it.

The Intern is happy.

The Intern is signing off…:-)


2 thoughts on “Intern no more

  1. It IS the biggest exam of your life…for now. But after you’ve done that, you’ll realize that there’ll be more. :-p

    Fun post, aves. It reminds me of a “last-minute madness” frenzy time. Have a great time in QC.

    No wait, you ARE having a great time. (hehe, kita ko pics nyo pro.)

  2. Avz, the intern will return to her be the Resident..

    See you soon Doctor..

    Godbless sa Board Exams! Gambatte MONTOGS! 100% ha..

    your bros and sisters misses you at HOME…

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