moving on

Absentmindedly, I pressed the unlock button on my phone and looked at the time.

5:30 am

Like a wave taking me back to the shores of reality, I jumped out of my bed….literally.

My flight was at 6:45 am and It’s outrageous that I’m still in my pajamas. My thoughts raced. Where the hell was Boston? She said she was going to pick me up at 4am since we were booked on the same flight. I checked my phone again—there was a message from Boston saying that she was on the way.

I have never been this late for a flight ever in my entire life.

I shouldn’t have stayed up last night, packing my books in a Balikbayan box for shipping to Manila. I was exhausted to a pulp yesterday—-spent the whole day meeting friends and buying stuff  to bring. I had lunch at a restaurant overlooking Iloilo river while having the weirdest conversation with a friend. Dropped by  Bacchus to buy Gudam Garang Cigarettes for a friend who was desperately asking me to buy her those lights because she can’t find them in the metro. The lady at the counter gave me a weird look when I asked for 5 packs which she fished under the counter. I capped the day with dinner at Ramboy’s, the home of the best liempo in Iloilo City, with my brother and Lala. I did last minute packing until 2am then fell into deep slumber, surrendering to exhaustion. The only smart thing I did was take a bath before I dozed off, I was probably predicting this worst case scenario.

I squirmed into my jeans and shirt, woke my brother up and subsequently heard Boston sounding her horn at the gate. I hauled my backpack over my shoulder and picked up another duffel bag. I gave my brother a quick hug and jumped into Boston’s car.I looked at her  and laughed…she was also running a comb through her hair while I was putting on my socks as her brother zoomed to the airport like a jet. When we arrived, the airport clock read 5:45am, which simply means we were still following the airline rule that check-in should be done at least one hour before the flight.

Saved again.

Boston and I are on another journey together.

Hello Manila, our old friend.

We are going on voluntary house arrest somewhere in QC together with some of our batch mates in medical school…a place where we can burn our brains out studying for the Physicians’ Licensure Exam on February 2010.

It’s the biggest exam of our lives.

While the plane was speeding out of the runway I gripped  the arm rest—a habit during take off since I was 4.I told Boston, who gave up her window seat for me, that once I pass this exam  I can finally do what I want  in my life.

She smiled, she knows exactly what I mean.


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