Just Another Island

Sleep isn’t much these days.

I just can’t sleep.

I’m heading to Manila on monday then I’m off on a solitary bus ride to Batangas on Wednesday.

I love long bus rides, they wash my mind clean. I’m heading to Mindoro from Batangas. My friends from med school invited me to join their team for a 10-day duty at the provincial hospital in Occidental Mindoro. I hesitated at first but they managed to convince me that it was a good way for me to kill time while waiting for the result of my Doctor to the Barrios application and for that oh so elusive ophthalmology residency in Iloilo.

Kill time.

I just want to be busy again, to feel that I have a purpose in this vast universe.

I actually miss being a doctor. I’ve been more of a freelance writer than a doctor these past months but I love my writing job and the company that I’m working for.

I can feel that itch again, the itch to think, diagnose and to treat people. I miss scribbling on charts and thinking of work-ups and management for my patients. I miss the challenge of medicine.  Hah. I can’t believe I’m saying this and I’m actually glad that I feel this way.

Plus, I’ve never been to Mindoro, it’s another first for me 🙂


3 thoughts on “Just Another Island

  1. good luck on that trip. i know it’ll do you the most good.

    and oh, do not forget to write about your experience.

    all the best.

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