Searching for a Sunday Newspaper in Town

This is unthinkable. I never travel without a book for reading (not medical books, mind you). I forgot to pack a paper back for my Mindoro trip, I only brought 3 reader’s digest magazines straight from my Tita’s shelf in Fairview. I figured I’d go to town today because it’s a Sunday and I’m not on-duty to buy a newspaper instead. I have virtually nothing to do this morning; I have read every page of all three magazines that I brought, there is no story that I haven’t read and reread.

I headed to town in a tricycle; Rups is on-duty so I can’t drag her to come with me. I told the tricycle driver to drop me off at Mercury, they might have  a magazine stand in their grocery store.

I went inside Mercury Drugstore and searched the aisle —- no magazines, no newspapers.

I stood outside the store and scanned the street for a newspaper stand —- nothing within my field of vision.

I went to the biggest grocery mart in town and asked if they sold newspapers. The salesperson just shook his head.

I asked a tricycle driver if he knows a place in town where I can buy a newspaper.  He smiled and told me, “Ma’am, this is not Manila where you can find newspapers on all corners”. I grinned and said thank you anyway.

I asked the guard in another store if he knows where I can get a Sunday newspaper, he pointed to a direction to my west and told me to try at the store that sold Gasul tanks. I walked two blocks and there was no sign of  a newspaper stand. I walked further for another 3 blocks, past a Pharmacy with no positive signs of newspaper being sold. I went past another grocery store that didn’t have what I was looking for.

Finally, I decided to give up.

The newspaper search is over.

I rode the tricycle and as last attempt, asked the driver if he knows where I can buy a newspaper.  He stopped by a shop which looked like a car repair shop and asked if they have newspapers. The answer was still negative.

Mission failed. I asked the driver to drop me at the ER so I can  rant just once to my friend Rups how I combed every street in town to find today’s newspaper and ended up with nothing. She laughed and said that only tabloids are available here.  The nurses told me that I can have newspapers delivered to me at the hospital if I wanted to. Never mind, I’m only here for 10 days anyway.

Note to self: bring a bunch of books next time.


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