Daily Prompt: A to Z

sunset_by_onlyphotoAnother day

Breaking into a



Empty ache


Goodbye,good night

Hello whenever

Immortal photographs in my head

Jagged conversations

Kaleidoscopic visions

Lingering smell of stale coffee in my

Melancholic cup

Nudging sleep, teasing the darkness

Onslaught of bad dreams

Perfect fantasies

Quiet releases

Resounding whispers of that

Summer solstice




Walking towards the

Xylophone sounds

Yellow butterflies and

Zigzag dreams

*Inspired by this 🙂


An Oath to Join Postaweek2011

I miss blogging.  Yes, I’m guilty of post-less months here in my blog and this might just be the kick that I need: postaweek2011.

I promise to post at least once a week (fingers crossed). I promise not to make excuses for not delivering this promise unless matters of life and death get in the way.

I hope I could do this really, it’s not easy being a first year resident. Still, I love writing and this may just be the best distraction from patients and the hospital. Writing is the perfect choice to channel all the emotions, frustrations, dreams and desires of my restless mind.